3rd meeting of the Central Europe TAG (Theoretical Archaeology Group)

The third meeting of the Central European Theoretical Archaeology Group was held in Bratislava, between 8th-9th November, 2016. At the international conference where mostly Czech and Slovak archaeologists participated, our young researcher, Eszter Melis presented a lecture titled ‘Analysis of Secondary Mortuary Practices in the Early Bronze Age Inhumation Burials from North-Western Hungary‘, where she examined the reopening of Bronze Age graves from a new perspective.

The main objective of the conference was the discussion of new archaeological theories and methods and their introduction to Central European historio-scientific research. The first day session focused on the transformation of the concept of archaeological culture, the meeting was opened by Stephen Shennan about a one-hour lecture. The themes of the second day were organized around the analytical approaches and the ‘recycling’ of processional methods. Furthermore, the organizers were open to a wide range of new theoretical perspectives from the interpretation of the materiality of transformed spaces (Monika Baumannová, current president of CE TAG) to the of past and future fate of human remains in various collections (Ladislav Šmejda, Estella Weiss-Krejci).

See more information about the conference here.

Photos were taken and provided by the organizer comitee.