Workshop on Bronzeworking – Programme

Bronzeworking from prehistoric times to the Middle Ages
Workshop on the possibilities of archaeological and historical study of bronze objects

a scientific conference organized by HAS RCH Institute of Archaeology and the HAS RCH IA Momentum Mobility Research Group, on the occasion of the Celebration of Hungarian Science
Date of meeting: November 25th 2016 (Friday) 9.30
The conference will take place at: Jacobin Room, HAS RCH (1014 Budapest, Országház u. 30)

Language: Hungarian

9.30–9.40:   Greetings

Elek Benkő, director of HAS RCH Institute of Archaeology, academician

9.40–10.00:  Opportunities and constraints of the modern instrumental study of bronze objects

Géza Szabó, PhD, WMM
Péter Barkóczy, PhD, ME AI
Szilvia Gyöngyösi, PhD, DE SzFT
Zsolt Kasztovszky, PhD, MTA EK NAL
Káli György, MSc, MTA Wigner FK NSO
Zoltán Kis, PhD, MTA EK NARL
Boglárka Maróti, MSc, MTA EK NAL
Viktória Kiss, PhD, HAS RCH IA

10.00–10.20: The most recent archaeometric investigations of the Hajdúsámson Hoard (with a special regard to the sword)

János Dani, PhD, DM
Zsófia Kertész, PhD, MTA ATOMKI
Zita Szikszai, PhD, MTA ATOMKI
Zsófia Török, MSc, MTA ATOMKI
Pernicka Ernst, PhD, University of Heidelberg

10.20–10.40: Complex archaeometric analysis of Late Bronze Age weaponry

Boglárka Maróti, MSc, MTA EK NAL
Zoltán Kis, PhD, MTA EK NAL
Gábor Tarbay, MA, ELTE BTK RI/MNM

10.40–11.00: Questions

11.00–11.20: Coffee break

11.20–11.40: High lead-containing bronze objects in prehistory

Zoltán Czajlik, CSc, ELTE BTK RI
Ferenc Molnár, PhD, Finn Geológiai Szolgálat

11.40–12.00: Metalworking observations on Roman Age artifacts from Brigetio

Nikoletta Sey, PhD, ELTE BTK RI

12.00–12.20: Metalworking and archaeometallurgical analyses of Roman Age bronze artifacts

Dávid Bartus, PhD, ELTE BTK RI

12.20–12.40: Portable XRF and SEM-EDX anaylsis of the Hunnic cauldron fragment from Ócsa

Barkóczy Péter, PhD, ME AI
Masek Zsófia, MA, HAS RCH IA
May Zoltán, PhD, MTA TTK AKI

12.40–13.00: Questions

13.00–13.50: Lunch break

13.50–14.10: A Late Roman Age saw tooth copper cauldron from Pannonia – preliminary results of archaeometric analyses

Viktória Mozgai, MSc, MTA CSFK FGI
Bernadett Bajnóczi, PhD, MTA CSFK FGI
István Fórizs, PhD, MTA CSFK FGI
Máté Szabó, MSc, MTA CSFK FGI
Marianna Dági, PhD, SzM
Zsolt Mráv, MA, MNM
Mihály Nagy, PhD, EMMI
Mária Tóth, MSc, MTA CSFK FGI

14.10–14.30: Bronze pressing shapes from the Avar Period

Zsófia Rácz, PhD, ELTE BTK RI

14.30–14.50: Early Medieval metalworking, culture and communication

Gergely Szenthe, PhD, MNM

14.50–15.10: Practical issues of Early Medieval bronzeworking

Csaba Bíró, MA, Magyar Kovácsmíves céh

15.10–15.30: Archaeometric investigation of medieval copper and bronze book mounts

Elek Benkő, academician, HAS RCH IA
Péter Barkóczy, PhD, ME AI

15.30–15.50: Archaeometric investigation of Hungarian bronze cannons

Péter Barkóczy, PhD, ME AI
István Ringer, PhD, KFM
Géza Szabó, PhD, WMM

15.50–16.30: Questions

16.20–16.30: Closing remarks

Elek Benkő, director of HAS RCH Institute of Archaeology, academician